Aiming For The Mediterranean Equestrian Tour 2023

Horsey Books: Interviews, Reviews, and Views

Every now and then, when reading Facebook posts and comments in the various horsey groups I am in, I come across a truly interesting person. You know what I mean? They only make one small comment but from their words Read more…

Asking Important QuestionsHorsey Life in France

After the last ice age, nomadic tribes rarely went anywhere without a few cannabis seeds tucked about their personage or luggage. It was positively de rigueur! This symbiotic joint migration (pun definitely intended) of plant and people was initially in the company of their canine followers but a few thousand years later the equines tagged along for the ride too.

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Walk past any large livestock animal in the summertime, and the next thing you know, you have swarms of little black buzzing things zooming around your head and bombarding your face. They get in your eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Read more…

Propriétés équestres à vendre

Franchissez le portail et suivez les 850m de chemin privé pour découvrir cette vaste propriété de 41 hectares d’un seul tenant : prairies clôturées, abris naturels, points d’eau, bâtiments et une spacieuse maison

Asking Important Questions

9500 years ago a child was buried with a cat in Cyprus. I bet that kid poked that cat’s nose. So I looked up Turkish and Greek for “boop”.

Self Improvement

No point in wanting something if you are not going to get off your arse and go for it. And your arse is quite instrumental in improving your riding seat.

Horsey Books: Interviews, Reviews, and Views

The profits from the sales of The Yard will go towards a farm-based therapy centre for the terminally ill. A peaceful, wild and natural place.

Country Life

There is a controversy bigger than Bitted v Bitless. Bigger than Shod v Barefoot. Bigger than Natural Horsemanship v Traditional Training. What is it? Tongue Clicking!

Equestrian Properties for Sale in France

This handsome equestrian property for sale in France dates from the 1800s but was partly rebuilt and nestles in its own parkland of approximately 27 hectares of both grazing and woodland.

Asking Important QuestionsHorsey Life in France

Who remembers “Chase Me Charlie” the cross between a jumping class and a gymkana game? Two uprights, one pole, and maybe if you were lucky a ground pole. Aim pony at obstacle. Gallop at it like a nutter. Hope like Read more…

Equestrian Properties for Sale in France

Located in the rural commune of Cazes-Mondenard and in the centre of endurance riding country, this equestrian property is ideally placed in a horseperson’s heaven regardless of your discipline.

Equestrian Properties for Sale in France

Stunning Equestrian Property For Sale in the Beautiful Haute-Vienne Department of France (87210) This exquisite equestrian property boasts four charming bedrooms, three of which have been newly carpeted. There are two elegant bathrooms and a large airy top floor that Read more…

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I used to say to my friends, have you seen so and so, because I haven’t seen them for ages. I was very naive at that time and I didn’t realise where they’d gone. I know now!


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