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Spraeland Geoffery – bloody silly name but he is Belgian.? Nine year old Welsh Cob owned by Celine Foliot Barrat at the AH Val de Creuse.? Has a tendancy to zig-zag towards jumps and may or may not stop if not ridden sufficiently forward.? I have been cartwheeled through the air from him on one occasion.? Does not like the rain at all.? He is a sweetie though, all kisses and love.? When you are waiting to go into the ring he intently watches the horse before him.? It is like he is taking pointers.? And he can turn!? If there is a shorter course option you can definitely take it with Geoff!!? We have won several Club 2 classes together and have been placed more often than not.

Marius Seigliere – 16 year old Connemara also owned by Celine Foliot Barrat.? Wow!!? This horse can jump!!? New to the club he has competed at quite a high level but began to stop when the jumps got higher.? He is VERY high energy but incredibly light.? He suits me well as I like an active GO button.? I have only ridden him twice.? Once at St Yrieix last weekend and once in a lesson 5 days beforehand.? I lost control of him a little due to gloves slipping on the reins but that is neither here nor there.? I feel Marius and I can go at least to the next level together.? Celine says he will not be suitable to go higher than Club 2 though,? which is a pity.? We shall see.? (oh – and that is obviously not me riding him in this picture.? Being a new horse I do not have a piccie.)

Beatrice de la Glezolle.? My grand-daughter.? Very pragmatic and can jump anything you put in front of her.? Including the shetland pony – she did too! ? Rising 5 and ridden without any metal in her mouth nor nailed to her feet.? “Owned” for want of a better word by me and the rest of our herd.? Crushed my larynx and jaw when she was 4 weeks old when she encountered the noise of her hooves on the cement fosse cover for the first time and buggered off down the field all legs a kicking.? I had the misfortune of being behind her at the time.? She says “Wheeeee”? occasionally when she jumps which is hilarious.

The Enchanted.? Also known as Toto.? Also ridden bitless and barefoot.? And also a handful.? He and Marius are very similar to ride but Marius’ owner has him shod and ridden in a pelham whereas I prefer mine to be ridden without.? He is Beatrice’s dad.? He too jumps whatever you point him at.? And what you don’t point him at.? Has a tendancy to see a fence and haul you towards it.? Needs to read the jump numbers.? Welsh mountain cross Appaloosa cross fool.? Rising 9.? Do not wear a cloth hat near him.? He will eat it!? The Go button works incredibly well but the Stop button seems to be experiencing difficulties.? Toto will be going to his first show on 27 March 2016.? At home he jumps 70cm no problems but we will start with a preparatoire 50cm just to be sure.

Orfele D’Aunay does not seem to have a photo at the moment other than the header photo.? She is the one far left swishing her tail.? Orfele (Or Filly) is the wife of The Enchanted and the mother of Beatrice.? She is special.? Really special.? When she arrived here I was her 10th guardian even though she was only 7 years of age.? Categorised as a dangerous and aggressive horse it quickly became apparant she was no such thing.? Just defensive.? I remember walking across the field carrying a saddle and Toto neighed and galloped towards me bringing Filly with him.? However, the second she saw the saddle she made a noise I have never heard a horse make.? It was like a scream.? She galloped down the field and remained at the bottom for hours where she paced the perimeter fence and looked for an escape.? It took me months before she gave me permission to touch her.? You must bear in mind she was not a debutante but a horse who had been competed on.
Filly is the reason I am considering doing a PHD in cognitive learning theory in equines.? Filly is the reason I stopped putting metal in mouths and nailing it to feet.? Filly made me question everything.? Several years before she arrived I had started learning more and more about natural horsemanship but she is the one who made me do it properly.
I think I have been given a very good opportunity to study the differences in bitted and bitless and in barefoot and shod horses in the competitive world.? This means so much to me.? I really want to show that you do not have to use out-of-date methods to be successful.

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