My Horse Colics! Don’t Panic: Here Is a Homeopathic Solution

Once upon a time… my appendix ruptured.
I was 4.
I spent 10 weeks in the hospital because everything that could go wrong went wrong. Including me joining the Heavenly Choir. They rejected my application three times. What can I say? I’m out of tune and I can’t play the harp.
Back in the land of the living, it left me with a huge scar. Six months plus recovery.
And belly cramps.
Bad, bad belly cramps.
You think you’ve had bad belly cramps? Trust me, you have no idea.
Think of the worst period pain you ever had and multiply it by 10.
And you probably still wouldn’t be close.
What’s all this got to do with colic?
Horses of the world? I feel your pain. Literally.

Try explaining to your boss that no, you can’t come to work because you have a ‘bellyache’, as one of my bosses put it. Another of my bosses told me if I “pull that again” he’ll fire me. That’s the one and only time I went, ok, and just lifted my shirt a bit to expose about 2 inches of a nine-inch scar. He was like “Oh. My. God.” and never made another noise about firing me.

Now put yourself in your horse’s shoes. Who can’t tell you, the boss, that they have a bellyache. And by the time we see what’s wrong, that horse has been in pain for quite some time, usually.
For decades, I did not know what caused the cramps. I was sick and tired of the massive, hideous, and deep scar. Heck, every time I went to a new doctor, the question was “What in God’s name did they do to you?!” and absolutely horrified more than once when I said ‘Appendix.’
When I asked if they can do anything about the scar, as it was giving me problems, there was a lot of hesitation. But eventually, a super nurse got her plastic surgeon friend involved, and he sent me for a gazillion scans to see what can be done. (But even he sucked air through his teeth when he saw it.)
Short answer? Nothing. Nada. Zip. It would be too dangerous to fix, apparently.
But… I finally had an answer as to why the cramps happened. It’s a hernia type situation because there is a tiny hole and if I eat too much… I spend the next few days in the fetal position, rolling on the bed trying (and usually failing) to relieve the agony.
That is until someone suggested I take some Belladonna.


It reduced the cramps to a mere bellyache, and eventually, I found a dose that works for me to stop it. So now I take Belladonna D6 (C3 in France, X3 in the US) and Nux Vomica D6 for it, and it usually works really well. They are both muscle relaxers / painkillers for the abdomen.

My gelding, if he gets cold, he colics.
Mild, usually, but it’s still a colic. He just collapses in a heap, and that’s that.
Well… enter Belladonna & Nux Vomica.
I dose him up with them (every 15 minutes), and he’s back up and fine within about an hour. I switch to D12 (C6 / X6) for another hour once he’s standing, but it works.
That’s a MILD colic though, for anything serious you’re going to need a vet. But, giving your horse Belladonna & Nux Vomica won’t interfere with any meds the vet has to give, but it may just help to keep the horse from excessive pain until the vet gets there.
I am a rank amateur when it comes to homeopathy. I’ve passed no tests or anything, and I stay away from stuff I don’t know. Those two? Well, I take them myself, so I know exactly what they do.
The dosage I use is double what I take. (I use the little sugar pearls because I can just slip them into the lip where they dissolve) 10 pearls of each every 15 mins. It’s probably on the low side, but it seems to work fine.

The other meds in my box are Apis Mellifica D6 for any severe reaction to insect bites / stings, Silicea & Arnica for bruises, etc, Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) to clean stuff, and Eyebright for eye infections/to clean eyes/treat sore eyes.

I make my own ointment from Plantain, which is freaking awesome for bites, stings, burns, sunburn, cuts… basically anything to do with skin.
Ask my friends… who show up with their hand held open to get a new tub of it when theirs runs out.

And I make tea from it too, which is great when you have a cough or bronchitis. The horses get it as well mixed into the feed.
I also make Yarrow Oil (The same way I make Plantain Oil), which is great for any bleeding wound as it stops the bleeding. (Used it on my gums when it wouldn’t stop bleeding after a tooth was removed.) Oh, and Clove Oil. Toothache is nasty, both in humans AND horses.
So don’t dismiss the plant-based stuff. For one thing, this stuff is CHEAP. Much of it you can make yourself. (Clove Oil? Drop some cloves into some sunflower oil and leave them in there.)

So yeah, I get why horses roll when they colic. It HURTS. And that’s no joke.
But for a mild one, we can help them. 😊

I do not mean this to give instructions, as I am not qualified to do that. But talk to a person who is qualified in homeopathy and let them advise you about what to keep in your first aid kit—both for the horse, and yourself. I’m pretty sure they will be more than happy to help you prepare. 😊

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  1. Lovely blog post. I’ll definately be making plantain salve – drink alot of it as tea. So many answers in medicinal plants 🙂

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