Welsh Equestrian Discovers Why We Say BOOP

I seem to be constantly fighting the urge to poke an animal in the face and say the word boop. And I don’t know why.

A Google search proved to be frustrating, bordering on annoying.

One article had the audacity to tell me that it comes from the Simpsons!

How very dare they! I have been alive a lot longer than the Simpsons have been on air. I have been poking animals on their noses for the vast majority of my 55 years and I bet I have been saying boop for most of that time.

Simpsons, my arse!

Homer booped Lisa in 1992. I was 25 years old. With more than a thousand hours of animal nose poking under my belt. Clearly, a case of art imitating life instead of the usual other way around.

9500 years ago a child was buried with a cat in Cyprus. I bet that kid poked that cat’s nose. So I looked up Turkish and Greek for “boop”.

Turkish – Bop

Greek – μπούπ – which means Greek for boop is boop but simply spelled out with different letters.

But why “boop”? Why not “poke” or “squish”?

I looked and looked and looked but no one knows why we use that word.

And it really is a planet-wide word. The French say boop or boum. The Chinese say boop. Aussies say boop. But the Japanese do say ブーブー which in the Roman alphabet is spelled Būbū. So quite boopish, still.

Clearly, it is a form of affection.

Just prior to the urge to poke a face comes upon me I get a feeling of intense love. So intense that I just can’t stop myself from gently bopping the animal in front of me.



That word is incredibly close to booping.

Have I just figured it out by accident?

You bop the nose gently with a finger and say bop. Accents are different the world over so bop will be pronounced differently.

Perhaps “boop” is the verbal equivalent of a mean average.

Who needs Google when you are neurodivergent?

I wonder if Noah “booped” the noses of the animals as they left the ark. Like a supermarket check-out…

Boop ……………………………..one lion.

Boop (ouch)………………….one lioness.

Boop…………………………..one gelding.

Boop (fucking ouch)………….one mare.

I don’t know the Aramaic for boop as it is not on Google Translate’s list of languages.

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