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Ellie Phant is the founder of and is determined to compete in at least one international showjumping event before she is too decrepit to get on a horse. So she better get a move on. Time is ticking!As the author of "Tongue Clicking: Important Vocal Cue or Very Annoying Habit", she is chuffed to have inspired people the planet over to stop whatever they were doing to discover which side of their mouth was easier to click out of. This gave birth to terms such as AmbiCLICKstrous, Right (or Left) Side CLICKer, CLICK Ambivalent, or the sad CLICKless.She remains mystified as to why a writer's bio must be written in the third person.

Asking Important Questions, Horsey Life in France

CBGee Gee: Revealing The Beautiful Truth About CBD Oils

After the last ice age, nomadic tribes rarely went anywhere without a few cannabis seeds tucked about their personage or luggage. It was positively de rigueur! This symbiotic joint migration (pun definitely intended) of plant and people was initially in the company of their canine followers but a few thousand years later the equines tagged along for the ride too.

The Prey Animal

werewolf -v- horse

Just because we can’t see, smell or hear as well as a prey animal we assume they are ‘talking’ bollocks. But they have been on this planet in one form or another for 55 million years compared to our rather pathetic 200,000 years.


The Big Lick

I am going to take a break from tradition and talk about something other than myself. Although I will still be using many sentences with ‘I’ in them – here comes the first one … I was scrolling through Facebook of an evening when I came across this picture of a Tennessee Walking Horse called

ou est le bouton d'arret?

o? est le bouton d'arr?t?

There are as many training methods out there as there are possible ideas in the minds of billions of humans.? Some of them are possibly nearly correct.? But they all have one thing in common – the need to eventually safely come to a stop and get off the rather large animal who was previously

The Motivation

And the Motivation

So, I thought to myself, do I become a cartoon character or a sportswoman?? Or a painter?? Oooo – Architect! No.? What did I become?? A poop scooper.? Yes you heard (?) me correctly.? I shovelled shit.? Every day.? I put it into big piles.? I blocked holes in the hedges with it.? I used


The Team.

Orfele D’Aunay does not seem to have a photo at the moment other than the header photo.? She is the one far left swishing her tail.? Orfele (Or Filly) is the wife of The Enchanted and the mother of Beatrice.? She is special.? Really special.? When she arrived here I was her 10th guardian even

The Challenge

The Plan. dun, dun, daaaaaaaa …

  What am I thinking?? I can’t do that!!? These are professional atheletes.? Being ridden by other professional atheletes.? I am a professional drunk.? Look at that first image.? That is more me.? No, not the woman hurling herself through the air on a massive horse.? The one on the floor passed out next to


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